Create Your Own Custom Design

Create Your Own Custom Design

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Custom Designs

Want a one of a kind ring?  How about a pendant?  Need an existing heirloom redesigned into something you will wear?  We, at Lawlor Goldsmith Shoppe, can help!

Come in with your ideas, we can help.  We will help you take your idea from your imagination, to paper, to wax, to the finished product, which is your very own special design.  You can start with a blank slate, and we can help you with ideas, or we offer a gallery of  designs that can be chosen and/or edited to suit your style.

We can work with your gemstones, or design something that is completely new.  If your gold items are really sentimental, we can use it in the design, pouring that same gold into your new work of art.

When you are part of the design process there is a special bond with your new ring, or your special pendant, as you have watched it grow from an idea to an heirloom that can be passed along to loved ones for years and years to come

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